Q.) Does sugaring hurt?

A.) Minimal pain and slight discomfort is to be expected because hair is pulled from the root. The level of pain experienced will vary from person to person depending up each individual’s tolerance. Most clients agree the experience is not so bad afterward. Your comfort level is extremely important to us so will be fine!


Q.) Can I receive a bikini or Brazilian Sugar Session while on my period?

A.) Absolutely! However clients are required to wear a fresh tampon and tuck string inside to be serviced.


Q.) Is sugaring safe for Pregnant Women?

A.) Sugaring is completely safe for pregnant women. However, pregnant women may experience more sensitivity due to increased hormones. No we are extremely considerate, patient, and gentle during our maternity sugar sessions. It is highly recommended to begin your sugaring routine earlier in your pregnancy so that the hair removal process is easier as your body is constantly changing the closer you get to your due date.


Q.) How do I exfoliate?

A.) You exfoliate sugared areas GENTLY with luke warm water, an all-natural sugar scrub and wash cloth or scrubbing pad in a circular or back n forth moth to remove dead skin cells. If you do not have an all-natural sugar scrub, a textured rag, or scrubbing pad is fine with luke warm water. THIS IS NOT A ROUTINE TO SLACK ON LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!

Q.) I have dark marks and hyper pigmentation from hair bumps and shaving. Will they go away with sugaring.

A.) Over time consistent sugar sessions will lighten hyper pigmentation and remove access ingrown hairs.